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This biblography was compiled in 2013 to aid researchers. It contains over five hundred entries and is meant as a wide-ranging resource for continued research on John Bigelow. Material held both at and beyond Union College is included along with links to digital documents. Direct access via this site to documents held in commercial databases may be restricted to members of the Union College community.

The bibliography is divided into four main sections for ease of use:

  1. Archival resources, which include major manuscript collections of Bigelow material, as well as collections of Bigelow’s contemporaries that include original correspondence from or to Bigelow;
  2. Works by Bigelow, including his memoirs, monographs, chapters, edited volumes, articles and letters to the editor of selected newspapers;
  3. Primary resources, which include newspaper articles as well as published accounts and memoirs by Bigelow’s associates. Included in this section as well is a list of documents in the Congressional Serial Set that represent Bigelow’s official correspondence for the U.S. State Department when he served as a Minister to France.
  4. Scholarly or secondary resources.